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NooMusix [Oct. 27th, 2008|11:34 pm]
This was going to be a comment on time_we_keep's latest post, but it seemed really long, so here's some music for everyone (particularly you, Mel.)

Meaghan Smith - The Cricket's Quartet (Four track EP of Jazzy folk, with Kid Koala doing tables on one of the tracks. She opened for Ron Sexsmith at Massey this past week.)
Ratatat - LP3 (Really awesome electronic album, with live guitar. Not really dancey, but some good beats and textures.)
The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of the Understatement (Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys along with the lead singer of a band called The Rascals playing 60s style symphonic pop. Oh, and Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy does all of the orchestral arrangements. Yeah. 30 piece orchestra.)
Spiritualized - Songs in A&E (Just a really good album of pop music filtered through Jason Pierce's own stylings. I recommend checking out the video for You Lie You Cheat, though it's probably the heaviest song on the album. At times by a long shot.)
Robyn - Robyn (Yeah. It's Robyn. She's back and it's fucking awesome. Check out Konichiwa Bitches and Dream On.)

Things I keep intending to buy/am excited about:
TV On The Radio - Dear Science
Pavement - Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creeders Edition (Reissue of their 1997 album, with about 30 bonus tracks and a nice book. This will be the fourth of the five albums. I can't wait 'til 2010 for the final album, Terror Twilight.)
The rest of Okkervil River's back catalogue (I think I'm missing two or three albums at this point)
M83 - Saturdays = Youth
James - Hey Ma
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Beaker [Jun. 17th, 2008|11:48 pm]
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(no subject) [May. 10th, 2008|04:22 am]
The instructions for this one are quite simple. Open your iPod/default media player. Display all music. Answer the questions.

Number of Songs Total: 7294
Total Length of Songs: 18.8 days

Sort by song title
First song: (A) Touch Sensitive - Super Furry Animals (same as you trenny)
Last song: * - M83

Sort by time
Shortest song: The Sky Is A Harpsichord Canvas - Olivia Tremor Control (0:04)
Longest song: War of the Worlds - Orson Welles (57:59)

Sort by album
First song: I Must Be High - Wilco
Last song: +81 - Deerhoof

Top 10 most played songs
1. zzzPenchant - Rafter
2. I Feel It All - Feist
3. Strapped For Cash - Fountains of Wayne
4. Things Behind the Sun - Brad Mehldau
5. Don't Let Him Waste Your Time - Jarvis Cocker
6. Is It Wicked Not To Care? - Belle & Sebastian
7. Deep Down - Calexico
8. All Systems Red - Calexico
9. Gone Daddy Gone - Gnarls Barkley
10. Objects of my Affection - Peter Bjorn and John

First 10 songs that come up on shuffle
The Sky Is A Harpsichord Canvas - Olivia Tremor Control
Sunken Treasure - Wilco
The Black Keys Work - Erlend Øye
32 Footsteps - They Might Be Giants
Losing A Friend - The Cardigans
Alternate Route To Vulcan Street (Bench Remix) - Super Furry Animals
These Days Are Old (Live) - Spookey Ruben
Repeat The Ending - Chavez
Southern Man - Neil Young
The Guitar - They Might Be Giants

“sex” - how many songs come up?: 31
“love” - how many songs come up?: 373
“you” - how many songs come up?: 737
“death” - how many songs come up?: 59
“hate” - how many songs come up?: 21
“wish” - how many songs come up?: 27
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new country song. [Apr. 21st, 2008|10:09 pm]
[music |calexico - roka]

if i told you a secret
if i told you a lie
would you hold it?
would you keep it alive?

if i were a rich man
i'd do all i could
just to rub it in
like you know that i would

i know that it's easy
and i'm sure that it's fine
it's a circumstance
it's a chance to be

i know it's not perfect
but i know it's divine
that it's better than
i could ever be

and i'll swing for the bleachers
i'll play for the crowd
just to see them smile
just to make it

and you sound like we sound like everyone
and we'll finish and we'll see what we've done
and you sound like we sound like everyone
and we'll finish and we'll see what we've done

if i told you a secret
there are three more verses, but i'm still making it up as i go along... we've been playing this one for about a month. dave (our bass player) basically keeps goading me as to whether i "have anything" to bring to the band. i came up with a chord progression on the spot, and just started putting this together. i think it's the best song i've written. so simple. i really like it, and the rest of the band does too.

(x-posted to
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I was having an excellent day… [Mar. 31st, 2008|09:02 am]

…until I got to work.  Seriously, I was listening to Abbey Road on the streetcar, and just as I got off the car to walk the block and a half to the office, it was right in the middle of the medley.  On comes Golden Slumbers, and the part where the chorus hits just… hit me.  It was like that feeling of joy and pain and elation washed over me, and I smiled.  I smiled on the corner of Yonge and Melinda Streets.  And I kept walking, and the music just got better and better.  That album is perfect.  Sure there are pops and crackles occasionally, and one could argue that I Want You (She’s So Heavy) goes on just a little long, but I don’t think that argument could stand up to any argument about the medley that closes the album.  Those songs fall together seamlessly, effortlessly; it’s like they weren’t even separate songs.  I think when I was a kid I thought it was all one really long song.  I loved it then too.

 Then The End finished, and I was at my office door.  I kept my headphones in and listened to Her Majesty while I took off my coat and hung it up.  And then I sat down at my desk, and realised that I’m here, and I don’t want to be here.  Thankfully, I won’t be here ever again.

Now… if only I could do something about that little “unemployment” issue I’ll have in the near future.

(cross-posted to  eventually I may stop posting here altogether, so change yer bookmarks)

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Like a jigsaw... [Mar. 25th, 2008|02:09 pm]
The pieces are falling into place for band number two (or three, if I count mine and John P’s on-again, off-again, project. thought really it’s never quite been ‘on’) which should be awesome. Me on guitar and vocals. Adam on bass and vocals. Neil on the hand drum (and various noisemakers as necessary). All 80s (or classic fun pop) all the time.

Band names, song ideas, and various other tips are welcome. We’d like to start gigging around TO in the summer.

As for the other, actual band, things are going well. We’re trying to get some actual songs together. I’m realising I’m not really much of a lyricist, and I’m not good at writing stuff down. I don’t know how that’s going to pan out. I always feel like when I sit down and write something down intentionally, it takes some of the life out of it, which is never good for the rock (and roll). For now, I’m still sort of freestyling and seeing where things end up. I have a lot of ideas that I keep reusing, and a lot of them seem to be working well. I wouldn’t say that the songs are really cohesive or have deeper meanings or anything. They’re actually a little dada-ist to be honest. Well, not really dada-ist, as I’m not assembling things in a truly random fashion. I just say what comes into my mind. At the coda of one of the songs (3122 Disco) I sing “send the cavaliers/to the shoreline” which doesn’t really mean anything, but sounds good when sung with passion. With our latest song, we were joking about Terrence & Philip in the South Park movie, and the remix for Uncle Fucka, and I just started singing “thought I told you that we won’t stop/I thought I told you that we won’t stop” over and over again at the end. And in a weird, surreal way, it worked. When we re-visit it this week, it may not be as wonderful, but it’ll be a start at least.


If you don't know already, which is about all of you, I've started writing (a little bit) at to try something new. Time to break out of this LJ-funk.
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Indiana Jones [Feb. 14th, 2008|10:25 am]
[mood |giddygiddy]

and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

*melts* (much like the nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark)
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three songs - partway finished [Jan. 17th, 2008|11:58 am]
this is not an answer
this is a delay
let it go forever
throw it all away
at a new beginning
we just find decay

enter the arena
fortress of the mind
listen to the masters
seek and you shall find
politician's friendly
look behind the eyes

wanting what i cannot have is all i've ever known

send the cavaliers
to the shoreline
oh, you didn't know
i was just playing your game
chutes and ladders

oh, you couldn't say
i was playing by the rules

if i hurt you, i was wrong
i could be the better man, i could take it on the chin
and i'm sorry, such a shame
are you searching for communication
take it on the chin

wish that i was so sure
so unsure
all of these are subject to change of course. and as for the word 'miserable' in the third one, i just need something with three syllables, and that sounded good, but doesn't fit the themes i'm hunting for.

everything will change.

hey, i'm in a band, did i mention that?
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2007|09:00 am]
Also, I want to do this.
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2007|08:58 am]
I have an audition today at 7:30 pm. Send me good mojo.
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